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Gold engraving is a borderline instance between art and rare craft. This is pure handicraft. Even if a small series has been ordered, each engraving will in turn be worked by a craftsman and become a unique item. We do not want to discuss the process at length as it is our know-how – let us just say that it is manual application of an image onto gold foil (24-carat gold).

golden pictureWhat is the purpose of gold engravings? Most often they are given as presents: to bosses and colleagues, guests and newlyweds, men and women. Anyone who receives a gold engraving will long remember this original and unusual gift. After all, gold does not fade as an old photo or disappear completely as its modern digital counterpart when the computer hard drive fails.

Most of our customers demand maximum exclusivity of design, which is why the website has a section for non-standard solutions with a list of things that we can do to make your gold engraving truly individual and fully compliant with your wishes.

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